Social responsibility

Achva Academic College is committed to academic excellence, combined with social responsibility and multicultural diversity.  A number of courses at Achva require community engagement projects for academic credit. Students who contribute to society and to Israel's continued development become empowered. They will be prepared as alumni and mature adults to assume social responsibility as they continue to develop personally and professionally.


The Office of the Dean of Students forges the connections between our students and numerous community programs.


Following is a list of areas covered by community involvement and social responsibility projects:


  • Tutoring children with diverse needs, from families with scarce socio-economic resources.
  • Youth-at-risk empowerment in cooperation with the Israel Police and professional organizations.
  • Mental health services in cooperation with professional associations.
  • Communication skills and companionship for the elderly.
  • Breaking the glass ceiling in STEM studies by tapping potential in girls caught in a cycle of poverty.
  • Strengthening civil society in the Arab sector.
  • Educating new mothers about domestic accident prevention.
  • Fostering dialogue in the multicultural student environment at Achva.
  • Raising awareness to needs of people with disabilities.
  • Tutoring peers with learning disabilities.
  • Sustainability and environmental protection awareness.
  • Bringing science to the community.
  • Enriching quality of life in neighboring cities by establishing student communities. 

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