Integrating Bedouin students

Light unto the nations


Achva Academic College is strategically – geographically, demographically and academically – positioned for its focus on integration of the Bedouin population into Israeli society-at-large. 

Located in close proximity to Bedouin cities and villages - in the northern Negev, around Be'er Sheva - over 20% of our students are Bedouin, and integration is integral to our curriculum.

Due to the fact that Arabic is their native language, lack of Hebrew proficiency is the main obstacle for integrating Bedouin citizens into Israeli society.

Elementary and high school Hebrew studies methods within Bedouin communities in Israel have been unable to raise the desired level of Hebrew proficiency for Bedouin young adults.

Achieving a high-level of Hebrew proficiency would allow Bedouin young adults to be more easily and successfully integrated into Israeli society, higher education, military service and the local economy.

Thus, the primary challenge of every Bedouin student studying at Achva Academic College is to cope with the Israeli – Hebrew – system, specifically resulting from a lack of Hebrew proficiency.


Thanks to the generous support from The Smart Family Foundation of New York, Achva has developed new pedagogical methodologies for teaching the Hebrew language. Program content of these methodologies includes lectures on relevant subject matters – featuring video teaching clips that can be accessed using Smartphone applications. These new methodologies are being coupled with academic simulation rooms and personal guidance that use problem-based learning principles, game-based learning and other methods.


Next generation of Bedouin scientists

Approx. 50 procent of our students at Achva School of Sciences are Bedouin students. The majority of them complete the Teachers' Certificate studies at Achva, and later, become Science teachers in their communities. However, the next generation of Bedouin Scientists is being educated at Achva.


Teacher Certificate in Arabic

Achva School of Education is the leading place, in Israel, where one could study and gain a Teacher’s Certificate in Arabic. in Israel.

Selected examples of academic and extra-curricular programming & integration:

Our unique master’s degree program in Cultural Sensitivity in Clinical Psychology will make a distinct contribution to health care, and educate clinical psychology students to address multicultural needs. Bedouin graduates will be empowered and prepared for integration as professionals in their own community and within the broader population.


Your support will add to the impact of integration for Bedouin students.