Achva Academic College

A world of opportunities

Achva Academic College is located in Israel's southern periphery, amidst rural agricultural settlements, development towns and Bedouin settlements in the northern Negev. A forty minutes' drive south from Tel Aviv, and the same drive range north from Be'er Sheva. Achva became the ultimate Academic studies location for the population surrounding the college, which can hardly afford the high standard of life and tuition fees associated with "Big City" style universities in Israel. 

The 3,200 students at Achva Academic College represent a cross section of Israeli peripheral multicultural society and reflect our commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

Established by Be'er Tuvia Regional Council in 1971, Achva started as a nonacademic regional college, where one could study and gain a Teacher’s CertificateIn addition to the teaching faculty, during 1994, an academic branch of Ben Gurion University (Be'er Sheva) was established at Achva, as a separate entity, with a few B.Ed and B.A. programs. As of 2009, under the academic auspices of Ben Gurion University, Achva was authorized to offer studies leading to B.Sc degrees. Since 2012, Achva Academic College has become an independent college whose goal is to be the game-changer academic institution for southern Israel. 

New and meaningful study programs - likely to change the reality in the south - have opened at Achva Academic College. The programs take the unique regional needs and characteristics of the residents of the south into account, with their capacity to improve the paramedical infrastructure and provide an important opportunity for the regional population.


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