Achva students

At Achva Academic College, a multicultural hub of approx. 3,200 students represents a cross section of Israeli society and demonstrates diversity and inclusivity:  

  • ~ 2,400 Jewish students from local agricultural settlements and cities.

  • ~ 60 olim [new immigrants], mostly from Ethiopia.

  • ~ 750 Israeli Arab students, primarily from local Bedouin settlements. 

  • ~ 90 students with physical or emotional disabilities.

  • ~ 300 students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders.

  • Some 61% of them are in the 18-25 age group, 23% are between 25-30 and 16% are over 30. Women account for 80% of the students.

    All major ethnic groups in Israel are represented in the student body. Special attention is paid to Bedouin students who account for about 23% of the students and who are offered a special B.Ed program in Arabic which is culturally adapted to the Arab sector.

    The socio-economic profile of the students at Achva Academic College reflects the geographical environment from which it draws its students. About half of the students come from working-class backgrounds and another quarter from middle-class or affluent backgrounds. Residents of non-urban settlements (moshavim, kibbutzim, villages) are strongly represented in the College and account for 18% of its students.     

Students at Achva academic collage