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Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Major General Res. (AF) Hagi Topolansky - Chairman of the Board of Trustees is a current member of the intelligence division of the Israel-based defense contractor, Elbit, and leads the company's drone business. Prior to this position, Topolansky served as Chief of Human Resources for the Israel Defense Forces, with which he concluded his military career which he began as a pilot (F-16I) in the Israeli Air Force.

Topolansky earned his B.A. summa cum laude in Economics and Accounting from the University of Haifa, and received a master's degree in Command and Headquarters Management from the U.S. Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. He resides with his wife and children in Moshav Arugot where he grew up from age seven.

Board of Directors

Mrs. Sara Friedman

Mr. Michael Ben-Shitrit

Mr. Avi Castro

Dr. Nigist Mengesha 

Mrs. Ruth Karter

Mr. Avner Goldman

Mr. Moshe Greenfeld

Dr. Yosseph Hezy

Dr. Matti Harkavi - Zarfati 

Mr. Gabi Nahum

Dr. Yair Cochav

Mr. Zion moshe (Adv)


Chairman of the Board of Directors



Board of Trustees

Mr. Shmuel Berkowitz

Mrs. Ruth Karter

Dr. Shalom Eldar

Dr. Ezra Shaharabani

Mrs. Sara Friedman

Mr. Avi Castro

Mrs. Matti Harkavi - zarfari

Dr. Yosseph Hezy

Mr. Moshe Greenfeld

Mr. Zion Moshe (adv)

Mr. Yosi Peretz

Prof. Eyal Kimchi

Mr. Amit Yifrah (Adv)

Mr. Yogev Sarid

Mr. David Saidi

Mr. Shlomi Shamay

Mr. Michael Levi

Mr. Avner Goldman

Mr. Dror Shore

Mr. Dror Aharon

Dr. Haim Ayalon

Mrs. Adi Levy

Mr. Dani Muravia


Mr. Rami Shalmor

Mr. Michael Ben Shetret

Dr. Nigist Mangasha

Mr. Kobi Avivi

Mr. Gabi Nahum

Mr. Hanan Hassid

Dr. Muhamad Elnabari

Dr. Alon Bar

Mr. Eli Zohar

Dr. Yair Cochav

Mr. Moshe Pravia