Our research

Research is critical to the development of knowledge and a catalyst for ensuring high-level academic teaching and courses.

The Research Authority, under the leadership of Dr. Irena Vladinmirski aims to promote and expand research at Achva Academic College by enhancing the supporting infrastructure and cultivating the faculty's research potential. The Research Authority also seeks to present the faculty's publications to academic forums and at scientific conferences.       

The Research Authority encourages both collaboration among Achva researchers and joint research projects with researchers at other academic institutions in Israel and abroad.This contributes to the quality of research and brings funding from external sources. 


  • Following is a partial list of fields of research undertaken at Achva:  
  • Neuropedagogy and education
  • Physiology, behavior and ecology of organisms
  • Environmental microbiology and sustainability
  • Education management
  • Education and teaching of mathematics and sciences
  • Applying digital technology and cognitive neuroscience to promote meaningful learning
  • Memory, automatic processes and mathematical cognition 

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