Israeli - Arab Co-existence

Shared Israeli Hope  

Achva Academic College provides an almost singular opportunity for Shared Israeli Hope, the initiative by President of IsraelReuven Rivlin, to facilitate intercultural encounters among young adults from different sectors of Israeli society. 

Shared Israeli Hope aims to forge a shared vision of hope for the tribes of Israel, and all citizens of Israel – Arab and Jewish alike. Achva Academic College rallied to the cause. 


United Voices, a Jewish-Bedouin Choir

Voices of Jewish and Bedouin students interlock as they share an engagement in music which generates interpersonal and cross cultural engagement. The choir's activity generates discussion between Jewish and Bedouin participants surrounding theories of music that take multiculturalism into account, so that simultaneously they studied the musical worlds of Israeli society. In the process, they transcended the theoretical, producing and performing their own music, and discovering multiple levels of shared communication, in acknowledgement of the society they share.