Timeline: 1971 - 2019

  • 1971 The Beer Tuvia Regional Council established Achva as a nonacademic regional college, where one could study and gain a Teacher’s Certificate, in order to enhance the skills and qualifications of the educational personnel employed within its boundaries. The college started off with 50 students.

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    1991 Close to 1,000 students who enrolled in Achva were offered the opportunity to complete B.A degrees at The Open University of Israel, in combination with teacher training.

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    1994 Achva received the recognition of the Council for Higher Education (CHE) to award  B.Ed. degrees.

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    1994 - A full-fledged academic college was established. In addition to the teachers' college, an academic branch of Ben Gurion University (in Be'er Sheva) was established at Achva - as a separate campus - with a few B.Ed and B.A. programs. As of 2009, under the academic auspices of Ben Gurion UniversityAchva was authorized to offer studies leading to B.Sc degrees.

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    2000 There were 2,000 students enrolled in the School of Education, as well as, 700 students studying at the academic branch of Ben Gurion University.


    2009 The Council for Higher Education (CHE) authorized Achva to independently administer a few B.Sc. courses in life sciences. 

  • 2012- The two campuses - 

    School of Education and School of Sciences

    merged to form on unified campus:


    Achva Academic College


2020 - A new state of the art School of Sciences Building

1971 - The School of Education
Achva at its early days