Shared Israeli Hope at Achva Academic College

Achva Academic College is strategically positioned to take a leading role in Shared Israeli Hope, the initiative by President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, encouraging intercultural encounters and programs among young adults from the diverse sectors of Israeli society.


Shared Israeli Hope aims to forge a shared vision of hope for the troupes of Israel, all citizens of Israel. The president's initiative speaks of four sectors of Israeli society: secular Jews, national religious Jews, Arabs, and Haredi ultra-Orthodox Jews – all of which are represented among our students.


One of the important challenges for southern Israel, and for Achva Academic College is to encourage education-driven productivity among residents of the region, including Bedouin and Haredi citizens. With Shared Israeli Hope, Achva continues to invest a concerted effort in academic and social encounters cultivating the multiculturalism of Israeli society.


The head of Shared Israeli Hope at Achva, Mrs. Efrat Machiqawa, a member of The Office of the Dean of Students. She has set sights high for engaging Achva students from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds in aspiring, together, to taking a leading role in the near future as teachers of Jewish and Arab children in the regional schools, and as agents of change in their respective communities.  

Achva academic studentsPresident Rivlin in Achva academic collage graduation