Multi-disciplinary program

Interdisciplinary B.A. Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

Chairperson: Prof. Tamar Alexander


Aims –The undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences is a large and diverse dept. Its aim is to offer a general education in various areas, to support students in developing critical thinking and analytical tools from several disciplines, to enrich their cultural, societal and historical perspectives, while demonstrating the connections among these various disciplines.

By helping the students gain wider perspectives, their college education enables them to use their newly acquired analytical tools to translate these perspectives to a broader reality. We aim to help the students become conscientious about their environment, and well versed in the culture of the past and of the present. With the knowledge and tools they acquire throughout their 3 years of college education, they could gain a deeper significance to their life, learn about other cultures, and grow to respect them.

Structure – The dept. is composed of nine different disciplinary divisions: History, Hebrew Literature, Education, Sociology, Psychology, Human Resources, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, and Settling Conflicts Studies.

The students choose four different divisions, plus a methodological course and a cross-sectional course such as: Masterpiece Works in Western Culture or Cultural Aspects of Israel today. 

Uniqness - This program was designed for adult learners who already have families and hold jobs. It operates only twice a week. All classes start at 15:00 until 21:00, and the studies take place twice a week in the afternoon or one afternoon and Friday morning, fall, spring and summer semester. It is a very intensive program but it provides a unique opportunity for gaining college education for people who did not have the chance to start or complete their higher education when they were younger. Most of our students are from the Israeli periphery. In that sense, we see this program as a social mission for providing access to higher education.

Cooperation – This is an excellent program for students from abroad who wish to learn more about Israeli culture, especially about the different cultural groups in Israel.  The structure of the program, which allows the students to complete a bachelor degree while studying only twice a week, will enable them free to use their time to tour the country and explore other opportunities while studying.