Life Sciences

Department of Life Sciences

Chairperson: Dr. Eli Aflalo

With a commitment to teaching excellence, the Department of Life Sciences offers programs of study leading to the awarding of B.Sc. During three years, students are exposed to basic and advanced topics in life sciences including: chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, animal and plant physiology, microbiology and other numerous courses to achieve wide knowledge in life sciences. Students with high grades can apply for acceptance into M.Sc./Ph.D. programs in leading universities and institutions in Israel.

Biological research is vital to the advancement of many areas of life – medicine, agriculture, environment, industry, education, public policy and contributes to the welfare of human society. Our research deals with a variety of processes and mechanisms, while integrating and linking the various organizational levels in the animal and plant world as plant communication and hormones, crustacean reproduction and sex differentiation, microbial control of insect pests,reptiles reproduction and lipids biochemistry. As such, the research efforts of department scientists are helping to provide solutions to problems related to the molecular basis of disease, advance aquaculture and agriculture.

Possible collaborations suggested in the field of aquaculture, aquaponics and urban aquaculture in closed and controlled environments.