Academic programs

Achva Academic College offers a range of bachelor's and master's degree programs through its three schools:

  • The Faculty of Education awards bachelor degrees in math and science education, B.Ed. degrees in special education, and degrees in teaching education combined with a range of disciplines in the humanities.

    The Achva bachelor degree program for teaching mathematics in secondary schools is reputedly the best in Israel.

  • The Faculty of Sciences awards bachelor degrees in life sciences – which includes courses in agro-tech and sustainability; information systems management, and psychology.

  • The Multidisciplinary Program is for students over 30 seeking higher education, the Second Chance program. They find a track at Achva which allows them to continue working while earning a rewarding academic degree. The program offers courses in nine disciplinary clusters including human resources, education, conflict and crisis management, the history of ideas, arts and culture, psychology and sociology.

  • The School of Master's Programs in Education and Teaching awards master's degrees in a range of educational fields, from education administration to teacher education, as well as special education.



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