Achva Academic College is the game changer for southern Israel:

By channeling its academic assets into multi-tech education in agro-tech and sustainability, medi-tech and hi-tech, Achva is fulfilling the 21st century version of the Zionist dream and making the desert flourish.



  • Achva Academic College is a hub where students minded towards maximizing their potential, and the potential of southern Israel, study mathematics, science, humanities, teacher education, and more.
  • Achva Academic College graduates are the leading math teachers in Israeli schools. The Faculty of the Sciences and Faculty of Education are jointly preparing students for similar levels of excellence as science teachers, critical to science education for Israeli schoolchildren.
  • Achva Academic College offers a special academic degree program, "Second Chance" for mature adults to realize their potential later in life.
  • Achva Academic College students get an education which leads to professional careers in fulfilling fields that contribute to Israel's future.

Achva academic collage new buildingAchva academic collage students