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The Achva Academic College website in English is currently being redesigned. For full information about the College in Hebrew, please visit www.achva.ac.il.

Achva Academic College serves Israel’s challenged and diverse southern periphery through education, science, and community engagement. Dedicated to both academic excellence and accessibility, the College enables residents of the south to manifest their academic and professional potential – regardless of socioeconomic background, ethnic-religious identity, or disabilities.

Achva is a public college accredited by Israel’s Council for Higher Education.

  • The School of Education grants a B.Ed. degree with a wide variety of specializations, as well as a Teaching Certificate
  • The School of Sciences grants B.Sc. and B.A. degrees in the Natural Sciences, Psychology, and Multidisciplinary Studies
  • The School of Graduate Studies grants M.Ed. and M.Teach degrees in Educational Administration and a variety of disciplines

Achva is also home to academic programs for Arabic-speaking students, Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) students, and students aged “30+”; a Teacher Training Center; academic assistance programs that increase accessibility to higher education; and preparation courses for Bachelor degree studies.

Our 3,500 Jewish and Arab students hail from cities, development towns, kibbutzim, moshavim, and Bedouin towns. Most participate in any of our 30 credit or volunteer community engagement programs.

Key Contacts

  • To contact the President, Prof. Shosh Arad, please send an email to shosh.arad@achva.ac.il or call +972 8-8588002.

  • For inquiries regarding Achva’s academic programs, opportunities for academic cooperation, community engagement programs, and international programs, please contact Dr. Yael Fisher, Acting Rector, at yael_f@achva.ac.il or +972 8-8588142.

  • For inquiries regarding research collaboration, please contact Prof. Orit Avidov-Ungar, Head of the Research Authority, at avidovo@achva.ac.il or +972 77-5412263.

  • For inquiries regarding opportunities to support the College, please contact the Office of the President at shosh.arad@achva.ac.il or +972 8-8588002.

Click here to view a short presentation about Achva.