Managerial Information Systems

Department of Managerial information Systems

Chairperson: Prof. Ehud Gudes


The Department of Information Systems in Achva academic college trains students in the most important areas of information systems and computer science. The program is a 3years B.Sc program which includes strong mathematical background, courses in programming and algorithms, courses in information systems analysis and design, courses in human computer interaction, human resource management, big data and cyber, and most important a graduation industrial like project. This versatile program trains students for career in different sectors in industry in Israel and especially for high-tech companies.

Models have a central role in the emerging Model-Based Software Engineering (MBSE) approach. Models are central for the development and management of complex information systems.

  1. Multilevel molding.  Multi-Level Modeling (MLM) conceptualizes software models as layered   architectures of sub-models that are inter-related by the instance-of   relation. The research studies context factors and metrics for MLM
  2. Formalization and realization of Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) models. SPLE aims at enabling reuse of artifacts by introducing product lines, which function as reference models that characterize similarities and differences in product design
  3. Model inference from big internet data. This research intends to combine Software engineering, logic and Machine learning approaches. The aim is to develop algorithms for deriving a schema from semi structured big data which enables understanding, communicating and reasoning about the data.