Incubating the Future Generation of Israeli Scientists

Incubating the Future Generation of Israeli Scientists

There is a growing shortage of science teachers in Israel. The graduates of science studies at the universities often opt for lucrative positions in industry rather than to teaching positions in schools. As result, many schools find it hard to develop their science tracks newly qualified engineers, scientists and mathematicians have many tempting alternatives to the teaching profession. This shortage means that many schools cannot open Advanced Science tracks, nor do they have much choice when hiring a Mathematics teacher.

Achva Academic College, a leading centre for the training of teachers, is offering B.Sc degrees in a variety of scientific subjects and is encouraging graduates of these degrees to go on and study for a teacher’s certificate in those subjects. Graduates who pursue this course are offered scholarships as well as assistance in placement in teaching positions upon obtaining the required qualifications.

For this program Achva is actively promoting cooperation with the Ministry of Education as well as with private initiatives aimed at increasing the pool of highly qualifies science teachers in Israel.

Project Title Incubating the Future Generation of Israeli Scientists

Duration of the project Annual

Increasing the drastically insufficient number of highly qualified science and mathematics teachers in the educational system.

Target group(s)

20 graduates annually, holding a B.Sc degree whose graduation grade is no lower than 90 and who are accepted to a certificate course at Achva in the teaching of sciences and math-ematics.

Final beneficiaries

Approx. 1,200,000 pupils in both primary and secondary education in Israel.

Estimated outputs

At least 85% of program participants placed in science teaching positions in schools.

Main activities

Selecting 20 participants who will be offered a loan covering the cost of a science teaching certificate course in Achva. The scholars will also receive assistance in work placement upon obtaining the certificate. Once placed in a science or mathematics teaching posi-tion the loan will become a grant.

Monitoring performance of scholars and evaluating impact of scholarships.