• 1971 The Regional Council of Beer Tuvia established Achva as a teachers college to improve the quality of local teaching. The college opened with 50 students.
  • 1991 Close to 1,000 students who enrolled in Achva were offered the opportunity to complete a B.A. at The Open University of Israel in combination with teacher training.
  • 1994 Achva received the recognition of the Council for Higher Education to award a B.Ed. degree.
  • 1996 A full-fledged academic college was established on the Achva campus alongside the teachers college. Under the academic auspices of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the new college offered courses in various disciplines towards a B.A. and soon thereafter towards a B.Sc.
  • 2000 There were 2,000 students enrolled in the teachers college and 700 students studying at the academic college.
  • 2009 The Council for Higher Education authorized the academic college to independently administer a B.Sc. course in life sciences. A trend was set into motion and the CHE proceeded to authorize Achva to open additional degree courses.
  • 2013 The two colleges merged into one: Achva Academic College.

  • Achva at its early days