Dr. Sapir Handelman

Director of the Diversity & Multiculturalism program

Sapir Handelman (PhD) is the co-laureate of the 2010 Peter Becker Award for Peace and Conflict Studies in recognition of his academic contribution. He was an associate at the Psychology Department of Harvard University, the first scholar to receive the Lentz Fellowship in Peace and Conflict Resolution Research three times in a row and he was a visiting professor at the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies in Detroit.

Sapir leads the Minds of Peace initiative, based on his concepts of conflict resolution in intractable conflicts. The project is designed to establish a major Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congress with political power. Sapir has successfully implemented Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating assemblies, called Minds of Peace Experiments, in major universities around the US and Canada (such as: University of Michigan, UCLA, Wayne State University, University of Missouri, Windsor University), in the West Bank and in Israel. The project is beginning to attract a great deal of attention in the Academic Field (books and articles), Media (newspapers, TV and radio) and Politics (US Administration and Canadian Parliament).

Sapir is the editor and co-author of “The Minds of Peace Experiment: Public Diplomacy and People to People Negotiation” (Routledge), as well as author of the books: “Thought manipulation: the use and abuse of psychological trickery” (Praeger) and “Conflict and Peacemaking in Israel-Palestine: Theory and Application” (Routledge). Sapir has also authored articles in Diplomacy & Statecraft, International Journal of Conflict Management, International Negotiation, Middle East Policy and many others. He is currently writing the book "Peacemaking Revolutions: Leaders, People and Institutions" for Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Sapir is Responsible for the international program at Achva Academic College and is currently teaching at Tel-Aviv University.