Prof. Yosef Granot

Achva Academic College - Prof. Yosef Granot, Chair of the School of Sciences
Head of the School of Sciences

At Achva Academic College Professor Yosef Granot serves as Professor in the scientific fields of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. He is also Professor Emeritus at Ben-Gurion University and was among the first members of the Department of Life Sciences at this University. Among the positions he held at Ben Gurion: Head of the Department of Life Sciences and Chairman of teaching and students Committees.

The most important research achievement to his scientific career is the unique scientific observation that the ATP-site of protein kinases may serve as specific inhibitory sites for inhibitors of biochemical signaling pathways associated with cancer. These observations led the pharmacological industry to the development of ATP kinase site directed inhibitors used in treatment of Chronic myelogenous leukemia – CML and other human cancers.